Private Instruction

Private Instruction



K-9 Coach has been offering private instruction, one-on-one, individualized programs based on your family, your goals and your pup’s needs, for almost 18 years.

Please call us to discuss any details of the programs below, or contact us via email.

At K-9 Coach, we'll sit down with you to develop a personalized, comprehensive game-plan designed to make you and your dog a winning team! Private lessons are perfect for specific dog training needs and for clients who want to take a very active role in their dog's training. Our private lessons are offered as:

  • Evaluation or "Quick Fix" Analysis (1/2 hr.) $45 per session
  • As Part of Camp (playcare) $80 per session / $500 for package (initial private lesson, 6 Camp training sessions, close-out private lesson)
  • One-on-one at K-9 Coach $230 for a 3-pack / $85 individually
  • At Your Location $300 for a 3-pack / $110 individually

K-9 Coach observes a standard service area of 12 miles from our location. For private lessons outside of that service area, we charge .56 per mile payable directly to the trainer. Except for the “Quick Fix,” private obedience training is scheduled for 1 hour. Each additional 1/2 hour is charged at $40.

Behavior Modification is unlike dog obedience training. Behavior modification is a systematic approach, which utilizes principles of learning theory, to help you and your dog overcome obstacles and change behavior.

For us, we begin with an evaluation and, assuming the outcome is positive and we proceed, we schedule a Full Consultation and Lesson with you and your pup. This includes:

  • Two-hour consultation and training session at K-9 Coach or in your home depending on appropriateness.
  • Comprehensive, written Behavior Modification & Training Plan designed for you to be able to succeed on your own with consultative support from us.
  • Email and phone assistance for 2 months.
    • Phone follow-up sessions are limited to three, approx. 15 minute calls per mo.
    • Email follow-up consultations are limited to three per mo.
  • Veterinary communication & consultation as needed.


If we need additional private sessions together, these are One-on-One follow-up lessons and are billed at $175 per, 1 hour session.

On average, a dog will live 10 to 15 years. That's a big commitment. Every family has their own needs, schedule, personality, space and time limitations, etc... You and your potential dog deserve a good fit and so we've designed our popular matchmaker consultations to help families choose the best pet for their family.

$50 per session

K-9 Coach Puppy TrainingPuppy Specific

Want to build a lifetime of positive memories with your pup?

It’s not hard if you know what you’re doing and, thankfully, we know what we’re doing!

Whether it’s matchmaker consultations, off-leash socialization classes, private lessons, or our all-inclusive Premier Puppy Package, you and your new puppy are covered at K-9 Coach!