The Club at K-9 Coach

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You Don’t Need a Jacket to be a Member of Our Club

The Club at K-9 Coach

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Our Exclusive Lodging and Playcare Community



For almost 20 years, K-9 Coach has evolved in our approach and care for your beloved pups.

Over the years, we’ve become recognized as one of the nation’s leading dog training and care facilities. At every turn, we listened to our customer’s needs and we worked with them to develop services that would enrich their lives and the lives of their dogs. We continue to listen. We continue to lead. And now, we are proud to announce The Club at K-9 Coach.

The Club at K-9 Coach is an exclusive, members-only club providing private access to the incomparable playcare and lodging services we provide here at K-9 Coach. Club membership is offered at a number of levels, designed to let you choose the experience and services that are right for your dog and your family.

We care for many dogs every day. They are all different and unique in their own way. Like you, your family, your children, these dogs have their own needs. We want to meet those completely and with the utmost attention to providing an enriching experience. Offering these select programs means that our members will have the peace of mind of knowing that their dog is safe and healthy; that they are engaged in carefully structured activities throughout their stay here; that they are paired within small, similar groups of dogs that are companions to them, and that enjoy the same things; and that all the families and clients that come to K-9 Coach share the same vision and mission for their dogs.

We believe that by engaging and inviting families and clients who have the same vision and mission as we do, we can, together, take canine care to an even higher level that incorporates structured exercise, socialization, relationship building skills, and the natural behavior patterns of our guests.

For The Club, we have many members who primarily participate in Camp activities. We have others who primarily participate in Lodging services. So that we can adequately serve ALL members, we will run group play enrichment activities during high-demand holidays. These include: Spring Break (Private School in March & Public School in April), Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. For these, members will continue to receive daily R&R service, a nightly T-touch massage just after last-outs and before bedtime, manners training, hot towel treatment upon departure and a $5 discount on a departure Spa Bath, swimming activities and other member benefits that correlate with your level.

Webcams are fun, but our Instagram is much better AND you can see all sorts of Camp activities! Check out our recent feed.  Join us on Instagram

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$25 Month to Month

OR One Annual Payment of $275.00

$40 Month to Month

OR One Annual Payment of $420.00

$60 Month to Month

OR One Annual Payment of $660.00

Birthday Gift

Access to ALL Services

Pampered Pup services for ALL Lodging Reservations

Reservations Required

Recurring Reservations*

Priority Wait List

Client Concierge Service**

Curbside Pick Up/Drop Off with Text Feature

Manners Training at ALL Playcare & Lodging Sessions

Early Access Class Registration

Annual Training Plan

Monthly Nail Trim

Hot Towel Wipe-Down at EVERY Reservation

Monthly Tooth Brushing

Brush-out at ALL Lodging Reservations

Bag of Treats with Group Class Enrollment

5% Retail Discount

Treat Training Bag

*Recurring Reservations: GOLD & PLATINUM BENEFIT
Gold & Platinum members enjoy the benefit of recurring reservations. All other reservations cannot be made more than 30 days in advance.

**Client Concierge: PLATINUM BENEFIT
All Platinum members, can use our Client Concierge service to set-up any requested service or reservation. The Client Concierge notifies the management team regarding Platinum member reservations, services scheduled, departure details as well as any other pertinent details. The Client Concierge contacts all Platinum members upon departure to ensure that their stay went well, if there’s anything we need to know or can do for them and, if necessary, make future reservations. Prior to high-demand times, such as major holidays, the Client Concierge contacts all Platinum members to ensure that their reservation needs are addressed.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in this vision for your dogs and for your families, and we make this promise to you: We are committed to creating a place where like-minded owners of dogs know and understand how socializing their dogs, making sure their dogs are mentally and physically exercised, and engaging in relationships with other dogs, and people, in smaller groups, with more touch points, is the right thing to do and is held in the highest value.


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