The Pool


K-9 Splash Club

K-9 Coach is proud to offer a state-of-the-art, year round swimming facility for you and your dogs.

Our dog pool was designed with your pups in mind. Made specifically for dogs, our heated pool is a 14′ x 21′ x 4′ deep, and includes a state of the art water purification system to reduce the chemical impact by 98%. Whether as a private swim, as part of playcare enrichment or as part of training, you’ll love our splash club.* According to the American Veterinary Medical Association: Swimming provides impact free cardiovascular exercise. 15 minutes of swimming is the equivalent of a two mile walk. Swimming also improves overall behavior because it burns toxic energy – leaving your dog more relaxed and able to interact with their family in a better way.

All dogs new to water OR who have never swam in a pool before, must sign up for one water orientation training session before they will be cleared to register for swimming on their own. 

All dogs with behavioral, reactive, or injury concerns are only permitted to work with our training staff on a private training basis.

Life Vests, towels and a drying area are provided by K-9 Coach.

Playcare and Lodging Enrichment

Group swim is excellent for small groups of dogs who love to play together and is limited to a maximum of 5 dogs per session. As with all enrichment activities, group swim is supervised by our trained staff. Group Swim is offered on playcare days (Mon. – Sat.) as an enrichment service.

Pricing: 15-20 minute session = $15

On days where you request swimming enrichment, we ask that you let us know when you will be picking up so that we can ensure your dog is not soaking wet when you arrive.

IMPORTANT: If your dog needs specific water rehabilitation or therapeutic swimming activities, please contact Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation – (678) 803-2626.

Additional Benefits of swimming include:

  • Fun
  • Loosening Tight Muscles
  • Increasing Circulation, Endurance, Flexibility, Range of Motion, Balance, Coordination and Muscle Strength
  • Decreasing Swelling
  • Relaxation
  • Confidence Building
  • Joint Injury
  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
  • Mobility Problems
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Geriatric Care
  • Weight Reduction