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At K-9 Coach we carry retail products designed to help us achieve our mission of creating a lifetime of positive memories. Like EVERYTHING, we do not send people or dogs home without the tools they need to succeed. We offer retail as a convenience to our regular customers and not to compete with big chain stores.

For example: High quality dog food helps to ensure a long, healthy life, minimizes waste and medical issues and can help in addressing behavioral issues. Think about how much better you feel, physically and mentally, when you eat good foods.

High quality treats can help to motivate dogs for their training sessions, help to ensure a balanced diet and are a good way to simply show your pup that you love them.

Chew toys are effective in addressing destructive chewing, are used in crate training and can even be used to slow down dogs who eat their meals too fast and experience gastrointestinal issues as a result. They can even alleviate anxiety because, as a dog chews, their saliva contains calming hormones.

"If you want a special pet related product, just let us know and we will happily order it for you. We even order cat and bunny food for one customer!"

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We take pride in finding and presenting only the best products for you and your dog.
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula
Balance Harness
French Bulldog

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