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We Believe that Education is Paramount to Success

At K-9 Coach, part of our mission is to serve as an industry leader by developing and hosting educational seminars and conferences for our colleagues, rescue and other dog service organizations as well as the general public.

To date, we have developed and hosted:


  • Attention + Focus (foundational concept)
  • Barkey Dog
  • Bringing Home Baby
  • Canine Body Language
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Communicating with Your Dog (foundational concept)
  • Dog Safety – CPR
  • Intro. to Agility (two hour agility introduction)
  • Intro. to Dog Training – How do dogs learn, what are the foundations of training
  • Intro. to Nose Work
  • Intro. to Rally
  • Kids and Dogs
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Overcoming Fear – Bravery Boost
  • Polite Greetings
  • Public Appearances (foundational concept)
  • Resource Guarding – Sharing
  • Self Defense – Personal or in case of a Dog “Attack”
  • Teaching Self Control (foundational concept)
  • Teamwork (foundational concept)
  • The Dog Toolbox
  • Tricks
  • Walking



  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers: National Conference Hands-On Workshops (hosted by K-9 coach)
    • Suzanne Clothier, Pia Silvani and Nancy Williams – Polish Up Your Training Chops
    • Sue Pearson & Judy Warth – Training Dogs with Fun and Games
    • Pia Silvani – Feisty Fidos® Reintegrating Them into the Canine Community
    • Sue Sternberg – Dog Behavior and Temperament Evaluation
  • Ian Dunbar
    • Raising the bar in Dog Training
    • Dissecting Dominance
  • Kelly Dunbar
    • Open Paw Program for Shelters
    • Four Level training for Dogs & Cats
  • Nicole Wilde
    • Alternative Approaches to Healing: Canine Health & Behavior
    • Creative Client Coaching
    • Helping Fearful Dogs

Want Us to Develop or Host a Specific Topic?