Gift Card Account Credit Promotion

"Paw It Forward!"

Dear Friends:

We have always viewed our customers as part of our family. They let us share in their lives and their precious memories with their pups! That is a great privilege and responsibility.

Life has certainly changed over the past month and this is a chaotic time for all of us. The current health scare is creating a lot of upheaval, stress and uncertainty in people’s lives. 

Because of this, many of our families have had to cancel their travel plans and subsequently their reservations at K-9 Coach. Typically, we have 30 dogs lodging with us during the week. Tonight, we have 8! Of course, this impacts revenue and we have had to make some difficult decisions in response.

But, there’s always a good side. You just have to look for it. The support from our team and our customers has been humbling, heartfelt and simply incredible!!! …

Open Letter-V4

Our Team... Our Customers are THE BEST!

When moments like these happen, we are just humbled by the support we have received!

Open Letter-V1

Last week...

...we were working to streamline costs and cut payroll wherever possible. One of my team members came to me and said

“You can give some of my hours to other employees. We do not need the income to survive, but I know some staff do.”

A customer...

...dropped her dog off for camp one day last week - not because they needed it, but because...

“Ya’ll are a small business and I know you need all the revenue you can get right now.”

Another day...

...a customer had pizza delivered for lunch!

Just because!


We Have a Great Offer that We Hope You’ll Want to Take Advantage of

What We Are Doing

We’ve always worked tirelessly to respond to challenges and we’ve been very busy these past few weeks launching various services and hotlines and discounts, etcetera… all to try and be responsive and helpful to you, our clients, while ensuring that we are here for you when this difficult time passes.

Our responses have included:

Discounted lodging, Camp and In-board Training

Curbside pick-up and drop-off

Twice daily in-house disinfectant of customer belongings to help prevent spread of contagions
Online learning classes to help customers at home

Many customers have asked…

"How Can We Help..?"

…and that means a lot!!!

So, among other things, we spent the weekend asking Ourselves:

How can customers help?

How can we pay it forward?

How can we add a fun twist

and so… we’ve created an exciting Program That Will Definitely Help Our Customers, and K-9 Coach

Open Letter-V5

Gift Card / Account Credit PROMO!

every $100 gift card / account credit you purchase will be valued at $125.

Use it in the months ahead
up to $1,000.

Either way you look at it, you win!

Open Letter-V2


As an added incentive, on Monday, April 20th we will call one lucky winner on FACEBOOK LIVE and they will receive an additional $100 credit to their account!

We’ll keep you posted on the exact time of the drawing so you can be ready with your phone in hand!

Our customers get FREE MONEY
which will help them long-term
and we get much needed revenue which will help us
continue serving you and delivering on our mission!