Dog Food

Dog Food: How Important is it REALLY?

Many of my clients have heard the recent news about the illness and death caused by poisons in dog and cat food shipped in to our country. You are also aware of the recent trend toward US made products as well as higher nutritional value and environmental impact of all products produced for dogs and cats. The question many ask is: how important is what your dog eats, really?

For many years, K-9 Coach has recommended different dog foods for different reasons. While no one at K-9 Coach is a DVM, we are very well educated on the impact proper nutrition has on both the physical canine body and on canine behavior. High fat, high sugar foods with poor nutritional value impact a dog physically in many the same ways such food impacts our health: obesity being the most common. I don’t need to tell any of you the problems dog’s suffer from obesity!

Food also impacts behavior in dogs. Poor quality dog food has been linked to aggression, hyperactivity, skin problems, allergies and more. The point? What is YOUR dog eating? Look at the ingredients on the bag. Is the first one corn? Wheat? Is there a lot of names you do not even recognize? This is a problem! So what do you do? Research.

We are very proud to offer one of the finest foods available to dogs, Evo. A totally grain free food, made in the USA in a human grade plant, this food requires much less to provide proper nutrition, safely control your dog’s weight and prevent issues associated with poor nutrition. And shhhhh, it also produces A LOT less poop:) Read about it at

You can also find free information on the internet at In addition to you own research, your local vet can be a great source of information. Remember that if your dog is fighting any illness, always discuss dietary needs with your vet.

Amber Burckhalter