Collar Safety

Collar Safety

Many of you have noticed that we recently started a new program that requires the purchase of a safety collar. This is a result of a recent incident I saw at a dog park where two dogs became entangled, began fighting and both wound up at the vet with serious injuries. The collars recently purchased by K-9 Coach are special collars that break free should a dog become hung up in any way. You might wonder how a dog can become hung up playing in a yard, but it is actually one of the most common causes of canine demise. Dogs collars get caught together, often on canine teeth, and then the dogs panic. They roll and spin, trying to break free and very quickly harm each other and anyone trying to help them.

You can also purchase these collars in our retail store.

This month, our trainer’s corner is a few hints on keeping your doggie safe. I hope you find it useful.

Collar Safety 101

Never leave your dog in a crate with a collar on. The id tag can get caught on the crate, causing your dog to panic and strangle themselves.

Never let two dogs play in choke collars of any sort, including martingale collars. If they become entwined, quickly find something to cut the collars off with. This is impossible with metal collars!!

Buy collars that will break away if your dog becomes entangled. Pet stores sell several brands that have plastic safety clasps that come apart under strain but will remain perfectly intact under normal conditions.

Check your dog’s collar often. They can become worn and unsafe over time and should be replaced yearly.

Collars are a very important part of keeping your pup safe and all dogs should have one. However, remember that the dog’s collar can quickly become a hazard and should be appropriate in size and style, properly maintained and removed when crated or where other risks are present.

Amber Burckhalter