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Summer Safety

K-9 Coach Summer SafetySummer is coming on us fast!! We at K-9 Coach and Bed & Bark want to help keep your furry pal safe. This month we have included several tips to help you and your rover have the best and safest summer possible!

Cars get very hot, very fast – up to as hot as an oven in under 10 minutes. If you need to be out an about in the heat, leave your pet somewhere it is safe and cool – like daycare!

Keep dogs out of the back of open pick up trucks. They can jump out or flying debris can hurt them.

Keep an ID on them so if they get lost at the lake or on that hike, they can still be identified. A microchip is even better because, if their tag falls off, they are still protected.

Keep them healthy with flea and heartworm preventive. Fleas carry tapeworms which can compromise your dog’s health so please use the preventatives monthly.

Sunscreen, especially on the nose, is applicable for lighter breeds and all dogs on the beach. Discuss a safe sunscreen with your veterinarian.

Lots of shady places and lots of water will help keep your dog cool. Heat stroke and exhaustion can be deadly. Signs of heatstroke and exhaustion include:

  • Excessive Panting
  • Staring
  • Anxious Expression
  • Refusal to Obey Commands
  • Warm, dry skin
  • High Fever
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Vomiting
  • Collapse

Hot concrete can burn your dog’s feet. If it is too hot for your feet, it is too hot for theirs so keep them off the black top.

Modify exercise – A normal 45 min walk or run should only happen in the cooler early hours and should be reduced to 30 min or less depending on your dog’s response.

Not all dogs can swim so keep the gate closed to your pool when your dog is around. If you allow him to swim in your pool for exercise and to cool off, make sure you teach him how to get out safely. Dogs cannot always find the steps while in the water and may drown. Use an orange cone to mark the spot and practice getting out of the pool with your dog.

Be aware of your dog’s reactions to loud noise, esp fireworks. Many dogs are frightened and can become unpredictable. If your dog is frightened by fireworks, discuss options with your vet to help ease their anxiety or leave them at home.

Investigate what you use in your garden. Many gardening tools, fertilizers and landscaping products can be very dangerous for your dogs. Even certain mulch is dangerous so make sure you talk to your vet and gardening professional to keep Fido safe at home. Now is also a good time to check your fence and make sure that it is secure and that missing pickets or fencing is replaced.

When summer arrives, the kids are home and the likelihood of a gate being left open or a chocolate bar getting fed to Fido increases. Remind your children and their friends of all your rules when it comes to the dog, especially what is safe to feed the dog. Also remember to remind them to never disturb a sick, sleeping or eating dog.

We look forward to a wonderful summer and know these tips will help keep your best friend safe and cool!

Amber Burckhalter