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Fall Events

Fall is a busy time for local events and this year has proven to be no different. We’ve already participated in a bunch of fun stuff, including the Smyrna Heroes Gala, the Atlanta Dog Jog, Paws in the Park event for Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption and several local school events with Nickajack, Teasley, Lovett […]

Back to School!

Back to School This is always a fun time of year for us at K-9. For me and my husband, this year is especially fun because Jack started Kindergarten on Monday. Mommy was a little teary eyed but Jack is ready to go! The idea of preparing for new challenges, making sure we’re ready, that […]

Groom Blog: Introducing Your New Puppy to Grooming

Did you just add a new puppy to add to the family?? CONGRATULATIONS! Whether they are long/shaggy coated and need regular haircuts, or smooth coated and just need baths and/or nails clipped, it is NEVER TOO EARLY to get them started!

Is your pet prepared for an emergency or a natural disaster?

What would you do with your pets if you were caught up in a natural disaster or emergency at home? Tornado perhaps; or some serious flooding. If you had to temporarily evacuate your own home for some reason, do you have a plan for your pets? If you were on vacation with your dog and […]

Training & Rehabilitation – The Pit Bull Image

Anyone who truly knows K-9 Coach, understands that as a company we are really a family of people committed to the health and welfare of every dog, whether in our immediate care or in the external community. Our philosophy of creating positive experiences for as many dog and owner teams as we can extends throughout […]

Dog Bite Prevention!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost five million people are bitten or attacked by dogs every year. This is a serious issue for individuals, communities and dogs, and comes with high physical, emotional and financial repercussions. State Farm Insurance recently reported that they paid out $109 million in 2011 as a result of […]

Boarding Reminders

Labor Day is the last big-time holiday boarding time of the season and we are generally fully committed for this holiday. Because we want every experience with K-9 Coach to be pleasant, we wrote this brief blog post to provide a few short reminders for those who will be lodging with us for Labor Day.

K-9 Coach Groomer’s Corner: Mani-Pedi’s – they’re not just for the two-legged!!

Regular nail trimming is very important for more than just aesthetic reasons. • Overgrown nails can break easily and if they break below the quick, they will bleed profusely and will be very painful for the dog. • Long-term overgrowth can cause difficulty with walking; pain, soreness, and can eventually contribute to the development of […]

K-9 BOOK CLUB: Good Dog! Kids Teach Kids about Dog Behavior & Training

Did you know that April 26th was National Kids & Pets Day? As a training company K-9 Coach is committed to educating as many people as we can about dog behavior and the important role that training plays in the lives of dogs, and the people that care for them. We of course care deeply […]

New Book Blog! K-9 Kitchen: Your Dogs’ Diet: The Truth Behind The Hype

Nutrition has always been of great interest to me. Ever since I got hooked on horseback riding at the age of 5, I was curious to find out what horses eat in the wild, what they are fed on farms and what they should really be getting fed in order to lead healthy lives. I […]