Balance Harness

Balance Harness® Buckle-Neck

      • Fits any shape of dog (sizing chart) by having a unique design that allows you to adjust every strap.
      • Buckle on neck strap makes it easy to fit onto your dog.
      • Allows for comfort and total freedom of movement with soft and sturdy webbing with a variety of colors to choose from.
      • Offers flexible leash attachments using front and back rings or just one ring
  1. BrandBlue 9 Dog Products
  2. SizeUniversal
  3. FeatureBuckle on neck strap makes it easy to fit onto your dog
  4. Price$39.95


Balance Harness® – Buckle Neck

The Balance Harness® has 6 adjustment points offering a customized fit for comfort, complete freedom of movement, and flexible leash attachment options. Its unique design offers you the flexibility of multiple adjustment points to ensure that your dog has a properly fitting harness to ensure comfort, proper movement, and safety.  

The Original version slips over your dog’s head and then connects around the body.  If your dog does not like collars or leads slipped over their head, we also make a buckle-neck version. For dogs that do not like to have things slipped over their heads, or for dogs that have larger heads than necks, the Buckle-Neck version may work better. Another Blue-9 product proudly manufactured in the USA.


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