Amy Peacock Bio

Amy Peacock K-9 CoachNosework Instructor

Amy joined K-9 Coach’s inaugural Nose Work (NW) class in 2011 with her reactive dog, Bello. She decided to try it out because nose work is an inclusive sport that any dog can do. Bello earned his NW1 title on his first try in the first trial held in the SE United States! Since then, Amy and her dogs have been hooked! She started playing nose work with her Schipperke, Skipper, when he was 13 years old, just for the mental stimulation, never intending to compete. But, his absolute enthusiasm for the activity changed her mind; he earned his NW1 title when he was 14 and played the game until the week before he died at age 15! Amy continues to have fun and travel to trials with both of her dogs: Bello is chasing his second NW3 title on his way to Elite, and Red has his NW2 and is on the verge of achieving NW3.

Amy is currently enrolled in the NACSW instructor certification program to become a Certified Nose Work Instructor. She truly enjoys teaching and loves to help her students improve their observational skills as handlers, create a closer bond with their dogs by communicating and working as a team, and appreciate the joy their dogs experience as they are encouraged to use their natural instincts.