National Train Your Dog Month | Top 9 Reasons to Train Your Dog

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January is National Train Your Dog Month.

Here’s our Top 9 Reasons to Train Your Dog!


  1. Strengthens the bond between you – Some of the greatest life experiences are learned from others such as teachers in school who showed us the wonders of the universe as children.  Spending time training your dog has the same impact on your bond with them!  A strong bond between you and your dog results in a well mannered, happy dog and a dog that is much more likely to follow your commands.
  2. Establishes communication skills between you and your pup – Dogs and humans are, as you know, not the same species and this results in trouble communicating. We literally speak two different languages.  The way that humans communicate via predominantly speech is vastly different than how canine communicate which is mostly body language.  Want a well rounded, happy relationship with your pup?  Like any relationship, you need great communication and training help establish this communication with your dog.
  3. Fun for your family and your dog – Training use to be scary and very corrective but those days are (at least should be!) behind us all.  Training now is devoid of fear and pain and instead employs fun and interesting activities designed to teach and mentally stimulate your dogs.  Plus, if the whole family trains the dog the same way, the likelihood of success skyrockets! Try out tricks to build a bond, Nosework to burn mental and physical energy and Canine Good Citizen classes to teach social obedience skills.
  4. Develops foundation for addressing behavior issues – Don’t worry, every dog has behavior issues!  Jumping, barking, running away are all examples of mild behavioral issues we all deal with in our dogs.  Training basic skills can help address and prevent the development of these issues.  Basic skills can also be deployed when addressing these behavior issues in your home!  A jumping dog cannot sit at the same time. 
  5. Provides enrichment and stimulates your pup’s brain – A bored dog is a dog in trouble. Training teaches both you and your dog how to channel their mental energy into constructive, fun activities! Dogs love to learn new things and why not use that energy to mold them into a trusted companion! A dog has to expend a lot of mental energy learning new skills and a mentally tired dog is a dream dog.
  6. Gives your dog a “job” – Remember that a bored dog is a dog in trouble.  Canines need mental and physical stimulation and training gives your dog a job which accomplishes both!  Many times dogs come in to K-9 Coach for behavioral concerns that once given some basic training and the job or work with such training, these issues are no longer a problem for the family. A dog who has a job has a consistent routine and expectations which help all dogs thrive in your home.
  7. A trained dog is six times less likely to be surrendered or returned to a shelter –  A shocking, yet accurate, statistic.  Many dogs surrendered to the shelter have not had any professional training.  Professional trainers can help a dog learn to exist much easier in families and avoid being surrendered.  Having seen many shelter pups and rescues, it is extremely rare to find a dog seeking a home that is well trained! Once they receive basic training, the dogs are often very successful in a forever home and so happy.  Avoid the shelter shuffle and train your pup!
  8. Builds confidence in shy and fearful dogs – Some dogs for a variety of reasons can struggle with fearfulness as well as what can be described as shy behaviors. Often these behaviors are rooted in a lack of confidence in the dog or lack of proper socialization. Training your dog using positive reinforcement can help bolster your dog’s confidence and thereby help reduce and in some cases eliminate fearful or shy behaviors. Unfortunately, fearful and shy behaviors, when not properly addressed, can lead to more extreme behavior issues that all owners want to avoid. If you have a dog that is lacking confidence or shows shyness, get them enrolled in positive reinforcement training as soon as possible.
  9. Creates less work for you in the long run – Have you ever had a group of people over to your home, tried to open the door, while holding onto the dog, while taking your guest’s coat? This can be a really challenging situation. There are many times in our lives when managing a dog as well as juggling family, visitors to our home and other variety of events can be really difficult. Training your dog can help make your life much easier. A well-trained dog is a  pleasure to live with and creates heartwarming memories not headaches. 

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