Back to School Blues?

Summer vacation is winding down and school shopping is picking back up. Uniforms to purchase, schedules to set and new teachers to meet take over our lives at this time of year. Our schedules tend to become very hectic and there seem to be less free hours in the day for extra activities – especially for our four legged friends.

In this post, we focus on how to make sure you are still meeting your pups need for education, a.k.a mental and physical stimulation, as your calendar fills up with commitments for school.

– Classes are a great way to keep your pup busy and obedient. As the time for long walks and fun hikes gives way to PTA meetings and soccer games, it is hard to remember your pup needs to continue thinking and exercising. Consider an agility class, nosework or RALLY-O as a fun way to keep you on track with and committed to your pup.

– Come to playcare! As your days get busier, consider a few days a week of playcare! Let your pup hang out with his friends and burn off negative energy while enjoying mental stimulation. Playcare a few days a week can improve your dog’s overall mental and physical well being as well as socialize them to all sorts of people and doggie pals.

– Even though the neighborhood pools are shutting down, our indoor, heated pool is revving up! Either as part of private lessons with our training staff, or as playcare and lodging enrichment, swimming is a great zero impact activity that will keep them exercised and healthy. A 15 minute swim is equivalent to a 2 mile run.

– Throw out that dog dish and get a puzzle feeder! Instead of a quick walk or outside yard play followed by a long day of solitude, feed your pup from a puzzle feeder that will serve as a slow feeder to improve digestion AND provide mental stimulation. Puzzle feeders exercise the mind and will help relieve the stress of being alone all day. It is best to use these after you leave for the day. Your pup has to eat, so use that time wisely!

– Schedule in time for the dog. While working on your daily calendar, remember your pup and schedule in time for them. Twenty minutes of fetch, a quick walk or playtime with the kids will make a world of difference. Commitment to your calendar will help you stay committed to your pup too!

I hope the above tips help you and your pup to transition back to school without any issues. If you do notice their behavior decline, we’re always here to help. Now, if we can just get the kids to go to bed at a decent time, we’ll be set!

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K-9 Coach