Down Came The Rain..! Some Tips for Walking Your Dog In The Rain

Walking Your Dog In The Rain

Walking Your Dog In The RainSome dogs just love the rain, but most, like their humans, can stick their noses up if its wet outside.

So what do you do, if you, and the dog are set?


Maybe not an option. Here’s some tips for walking your dog in the rain, keeping the pooch dry and getting the business done!

Look out for some shelter Trees, bushes, awnings, homes or buildings are good places to go to block some of the rain and wind in order for your dog to “do his business.”

Got You Covered! Use an umbrella over your dog to stop the rain from falling on her. Of course there’s the wet ground, but keeping the rain off is half the battle.

Get Really Stylish How about getting a dog raincoat. There are many styles in a many price ranges–all with the same purpose–to keep your dog dry. And if you have a larger dog, you may, seriously, think about buying a small foal (baby horse) blanket. These are waterproof, wind resistant and have velcro straps to stay in place. Many people with larger dogs find that these work well. (Shop for doggie rainwear on Amazon)

Buy a pet umbrella Yes, really! You can find umbrella/leash combos that attaches to your dog’s collar to keep the rain off. It solves the problem of you getting wet having to share your umbrella with your dog. And if you’re worried that YOUR umbrella may clash with your pup’s–you can even find places that make a human umbrella to match! (Shop for pet umbrellas on Amazon)

These boots are made for walking: Dog rain boots are great if you think your dog can handle it and won’t raise too much of a stink. There are a variety of styles from simple pleather to more sophisticated ones with adjustable ankle straps and non-skid soles. (Shop for rain boots on Amazon)

Walkies! Now that your dog is good to go, you don’t want to have to cut the walk short because you’re not. Make sure you have on waterproof shoes and look for a waterproof (not water resistant), hooded rain slicker. If you’re carrying an umbrella, the kind with an automatic pop-up button makes it easier to operate with one hand.

If you have any tips for walking your dog in the rain, please leave us a comment below

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