K-9 Coach’s award-winning dog daycare, designed in concert with leading veterinarian, behaviorist and canine professionals throughout the United States, incorporates essential social interaction, free-time and structured play, in concert with ample rest opportunities to ensure the maximum benefit for your pups. In determining where to best place your pup in our play groups, our staff assess such factors as behavior, temperament, health, age, size, etc… In addition, we offer group & private play times & all daycare is supervised by certified canine behavior specialists.

Making friends at K-9 Coach Daycare

OVER 14,000 square feet of indoor, temperature controlled play yards, training & boarding space
Over 15,000 square feet of outdoor play areas and a wooded, private play times
Staff who are certified canine behavior specialists


  • *Trial Day – $30.00
  • 1/2 Day – $16 (up to 5 hours)
  • Full Day – $23 (over 5 hours)
  • Full Day 10 Pack – $200
  • Full Day 20 Pack – $380
  • Unlimited 6 months – $2,500
  • Unlimited Year – $4,500

*Trial Day playcare requires a reservation. If you miss your reservation, you must re-schedule for another day.

To help protect our customers and minimize the spread of communicable disease, we require all dogs coming into K-9 Coach to have been in their owner’s possession for a minimum of 30 days.

Dogs who display symptoms of communicable illness including sneezing, coughing, runny eyes or nose, bloodshot eyes, lethargic behavior or not eating, are removed from our group boarding and/or play areas and isolated. The owner is contacted to come and their pup is not allowed to rejoin groups until a vet has examined them. If the owner is unable to be reached or requests us to do so, our team will transport the dog to a vet for assessment.

In addition to our standard playcare service, we have designed our Specialized Playcare Enrichment Add-ons to provide an even greater array of activities for our guests.

It’s similar to an enrichment program or extracurricular activities at school. Our enrichment add-on programs include all of our standard daycare activities plus:

Playcare Training

OFFERED DAILY – Requires scheduling with your pup’s current Training Coach. Designed to address specific behavioral / training goals, playcare training is perfect for jumping, leash walking, coming when called / recall, confidence building, agility, treibball, nosework and more. After each playcare training, the Coach will provide you with a written “report card” indicating what they worked on, your pups progress and techniques and, whenever applicable – handouts, resources, etc… to use at home to reinforce the new behavior. As with any training, consistency is key and we recommend doing a series of playcare trainings to firmly establish the desired behavior.

  • Per Day
  • Written “report card” for Each Session

$65 per day (includes daycare)

Pool Time

Excellent for small groups of dogs who love to play together and is limited to a maximum of 5 dogs per session. On days where you request swimming enrichment, we ask that you let us know when you will be picking up so that we can ensure your dog is not soaking wet when you arrive.

  • Heated, Indoor Pool
  • Supervised by our trained staff
  • Offered on playcare days (Mon. – Sat.)
  • Pricing: 15-20 minute session = $15

Break Away from the Pack

OFFERED DAILY – Private, one-on-one play in our outdoor dog park: play fetch, frisbee, climb our agility wall, run and jump or simply lounge in the sun. Each day you’ll get a written “report card” letting you know what your pup played that day, how they did and any other pertinent info. you might need.

$15 per session

Pampered Pup

OFFERED DAILY – Hands-on, one-on-one with your pet, promotes circulatory stimulation and helps relieve muscle tension. Our certified staff provide soothing stroking and gentle rub downs, based on Tellington TTouch, giving your pets personalized attention toward the end of a long play day.

$10 per session

Rest & Relaxation (chew therapy)

OFFERED DAILY – Durable toys and food puzzles provide your pet with mental stimulation and address the natural need to chew. In fact, the chewing is actually relaxing in that it releases stress relieving endorphins in your pup! Our R&R yummy tummy treat is offered mid-afternoon each day. Treats based on individual dog allergies (if applicable) and include honey, peanut butter and kibble.

$2 per session

Fitness & Weight Loss

OFFERED MON., TUES., & WED. – Like the human population, over 50% of the pet population in the US is overweight or obese and out of shape! And, also like the human population, this results in disease and a shorter life expectancy. In addition, K-9 Coach is happy to work with your veterinarian to ensure your pups success. NOTE – Maximum of two sessions per day.

  • Treadmill
  • Jogging
  • Exercise Ball Work
  • Cavaletti
  • and more…

$15 per session

Other than Playcare Training, Daycare Enrichment reservations do not require a reservation. Simply tell one of our Client Coaches when you check-in. ALL PRICES ARE IN ADDITION TO DAYCARE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED


Remember, in addition to our specials, we are also proud to offer the following daily discounts to you, our valued customers:

CASH DISCOUNT – We offer a 2% cash discount for ALL services.
REFERRAL PROGRAM – We’re teaming up with RASER to offer you a Cash Tip every time you refer a friend to K-9 Coach.
ADDITIONAL DOG – Got more than one pup? Each additional pup receives a discount off normal rates. Check the front desk or website for specific pricing.
MILITARY & PUBLIC SAFETY – Show your ID and get 10% off our services.

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