As the premier dog training establishment in Atlanta, we have trained thousands of dogs and have developed life-long relationships along the way.

Established by Certified Master Trainer and Animal Behavior Consultant, Amber Burckhalter, K-9 Coach™ has achieved a reputation of excellence because we listen to and address our client’s needs with professional, personalized solutions. This means that you receive the one-on-one attention you and your dog deserve.

The following are a very small sampling of what our clients have to say…

“Amber is a caring, patient, consistent trainer who really understands my needs as well as my dog’s.”

“I cannot believe that this is the same dog. You changed our lives!”

“If you ever need a recommendation of any kind, you give them our number! I was ready to get rid of this dog.”

“Blue is doing so well my wife and I are in a state of constant disbelief. I do not think you all know how much you have done for our family as well as our dog… My 3 year old son now has a new best friend who can keep up with him and then some!”

“Jumper was out of control. He had seen two other trainers and was still awful. We were desperate until we met Amber at K-9 Coach. Now we can actually go to the park! The best money I have ever spent.”

Learn for Life™

Designed to provide our customers a lifetime of reward with their beloved pup(s), our Learn for Life™ program is our most popular offering.

  • Custom Designed Programs
  • Playcare, Exercise & Socialization
  • Follow-up Training Sessions
  • Lifetime Email & Phone Consultation
  • Discounts on K-9 Coach Services

Classes & Events

Learning to interact with other dogs and pay attention to commands and instructions is a key skill for any dog. Classes are limited to no more than 8 students. AND, for all of our standard courses (6 weeks or longer), we offer complimentary doggie daycare on the day of class. With over 40 courses across four separate tracks, we are sure to have a dog training class that’s perfect for you and your pups.

Personalized Behavior Consultation

At K-9 Coach, we’ll sit down with you to develop a personalized, comprehensive game-plan designed to make you and your dog a winning team! Perfect for specific dog training needs and for clients who want to take a very active role in their dog’s training, our private lessons are offered:

  • “Quick Fix” Analysis (1/2 hr.) $45 per session
  • As Part of Playcare $65 per session
  • One-on-one at K-9 Coach $85 per session
  • At Your Location $110 per session

Except for the “Quick Fix,” behavioral consultations are scheduled for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each additional 1/2 hour is charged at $40.

Matchmaker Consultations

We spend A LOT of time training dogs and families because of a poorly thought out choice of pet. On average, a dog will live 10 to 15 years. That’s a big commitment. Every family has its own needs, schedule, personality, medical problems, space and time limitations. You and your potential dog deserve a good fit and so we’ve designed our popular matchmaker consultations to help families choose the best pet for their family needs, lifestyle, etc…

$50 per session

Behavior Modification

Designed to help you and your dog overcome obstacles including:

  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Possessiveness / Resource Guarding
  • Aggression
  • and MORE…

These services are very effective and require an in-depth understanding of your dogs issues. All behavior problems that are chronic or deemed dangerous require veterinarian prescreening to eliminate the possibility of health disorders presenting as behavior problems. K-9 Coach works as a team with your veterinarian to insure that all aspects of your pet’s behavior are being considered and treated.

Premier Puppy

Everything you and your new puppy needs to build a foundation of success for life! Includes:

  • Introduction to Companion Dog (puppy classes)
  • Puppy Daycare (5 Half Day Sessions) OR 2 Nights Lodging
  • Companion Dog 101 Group Class
  • One Private Lesson at K-9 Coach
  • Puppy Groom


Over 15% OR $75 in savings as
compared to services purchased separately

Workshops & Seminars

At K-9 Coach, part of our mission is to serve as an industry leader by developing and hosting educational seminars and conferences for our colleagues, rescue and other dog service organizations as well as the general public. As such, we regularly offer specialty workshops and seminars.

We have two young pups that really needed a strong training foundation, especially since we also have three young children at home. We just completed two weeks of K-9 Coach’s Learn for Life program and we are very pleased with their improved obedience. Our lab is much calmer and our little corgi is much more confident.
Teresa Howard
Parent(s) of Nip & Tuck

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